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Monday, 11 March 2013

Philosophy: Colorful is Divine Eyeshadow

Okay so today came the day to review philosophy eyeshadows I bought couple of days ago. I had time to test these properly and I have quite a few things to tell you so get comfy :)

I got two of these in colour pink luster (which is shimmery baby pink) and candlelight (and this colour is pretty ashy brown with gold shimmer).
Both of which I bought in TK MAXX for about £5 each.

I'm going to score those eyeshadows or eye colors as they are called on the box with 6 lemon points.
Good points:
They're easily to apply,
Genuinely good quality makeup products,
Could be applied wet to intensify the colour,
Depending on the skin tones you could use these as an allover eye shadow or a highlighter to brighten up inner conner of the eye and a brow bone,
Sleek packaging, handy to travel with,
The shimmer in these is really light reflective, which I personally really enjoyed.

Not so fabulous points:
Used without a primer can heavily crease,
The colours are beautiful, however they're very sheer. I could only incorporate these into my eye makeup whilst layered over another colour,
They're very hard to get hold of, I saw the on amazon (I think they've been discontinued that's why TK MAXX is selling them),
And lastly, unfortunately they aren't very long lasting which is disappointing considering they're called "Long-Wear Creamy Eye Colour" I wouldn't say these are creamy either.

It's an okay product, not something to die for but quite enjoyable to use.

Please do let me know if you've liked it?
Any more requests are most welcome!

Cloud x

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