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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Stilla Lip-Glaze Holiday Edition

Recently I bought the set of 8 Stilla Lip-Glazes in Boots. Because it was holiday special the set got reduced from £18 to £12 so I though why not give those bad boys a go.
I haven't tried any of the Stilla lip-glazes before let me mention.

So lets jump into the review, I'll make it sweet and short. I'd give those 6 lemon points (out of 10) you know clooudylemonade.
Good points: they come in a lovely, versatile range of colours, smell nice, don't tingle, are easy to apply, have a mixture of finishes from glittery to matt and are a great products to layer over a lipstick to give your lips a little more oomph!
Not so great points: they don't last for long, the colour pay-off isn't that great, the texture is very sticky (make sure you won't wear it with your hair down when it's windy) and lastly the are quite pricey considering you're only getting travel size, unless like me you got them from sale.

My favourite are black cheery (dark plum colour) & holly (intense red shade).
Those are still available to find on amazon and such!

Please give me some feedback?

Love y'all!

Cloud x

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