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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mac Lipsticks #2 Morange

Yayyy! It's another Wednesday, and you know what that means!
Mac lipstick time! Today we have on the menu, Morange.

Mac describes this shade as "Loudmouth Orange", and oh they're so damn right. This is the most "in your face orange" you'll ever come across, I love it! Very pigmented, giving you an opaque colour just with one layer of the product.

This shade is absolutely versatile, because it's so pigmented and strong it works absolutely perfect on all skin tones. Especially ladies of colour would love this, I only can pull it off with a load of bronzer.

I've swatched Morange in the shadow as well as in the sunshine (picture below).
On the right I have just applied lipstick twice, and I did the same thing on the left except I smudged it a little so you can get an idea of the texture.

I absolutely love this shade and how much of a statement it is, it shouts colour! Just a great very wearable bright orange, I wouldn't say it has any red in it. Unlike Lady Danger, which is orange red this is pure red...in a bullet.

I choose to wear Morange, with brown smokey eye. All I used for my eyes is Soap&Glory Double Daily Shadow Stick, and applied the brown shade all over the lid and under the lower lashline.
I also went quite heavy on the bronzer/contour and completely dismissed blush. I feel like brown colours compliment orange beautifully.
Because it's a such an intense colour I feel like it would be perfect for a bold look, where you would go for flawless base, mascara, defined brows, some highlighter and just this colour.

To finish off I'm just going to mention that this is and Amplified finish, which stands for creamy pigmented texture and long-wear finish. Although you can get some Amplified shades, which have shimmer Morange is completely matte.

Hope you've enjoyed your Mac Lipstick Wednesday!
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Cloud x

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