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Sunday, 16 June 2013

HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette

 As a promised continuation of my last blog-post about HD Brows here's the review of the palette recommended by my brow technician, to fill my eyebrows in.

Now you might as what's the point of filling them in when I just have got them tinted, well the tint isn't THAT visible. The tint sort of creates a sharp brow , you with the help of the palette can take it from there and either just enhance the brow or (like I do) make it really strong and defined.

 The rule says: "if your hair is dark your eyebrows should be two tones lighter" and "if your hair is light your eyebrows should be two tones darker".. Erm well whatever. My hair is dark and I fill them in even darker, I just like it that way. Unless you don't feel like you could pull the "go opposite the rule look" by all means stick to it. At the end of the day you're the one who wears it.

 Onto the palette! The HD Eye and Brow palette comes in 3 shades: Bombshell, Foxy & Vamp. As a common sense says the first one is the lightest and third one the darkest. I've picked up the middle shade, because it has a good mix of colours: 3 unique shades of brown and a cream to highlight. I normally start off with the medium brown at the beginnings of my brows and work my way out with the darkest shade creating  a gradient effect; finishing off with the matte, cream shade for the extra sharp look.

 One more thing I need to mention before we get to the lemon points! It is marketed as an Eye as well as Brow palette, but I don't use it on my eyes not, because I don't feel like it would work I just think those shades work really well on my eyebrows and I don't see the point also wasting it on my eyebrows when I have so many other neutral eye-shadow palettes.

 Lemon points time, baby! I did really think a lot, and I cannot come up with a single flaw about this palette, so I'm going to jump ahead and mention 10 things I love about it:

Comes in a variety of shades, LITERALLY everyone can find the "perfect" match,
I find the colours to had quite of an ashy undertone, which makes them extra amazing for filling the eyebrows in,
You do really get a good amount of product,
Sleek and classy packaging,
Really impressive pigmentation,
It's quite of a convertible product, which can be used on eyelids as well as eyebrows,
Handy and easy to use brush included,
Great for travelling, with a big mirror,
A little goes a long way, one dab of the brush is all you need (I've learned my lesson on this one once),
And lastly I feel like it's a really unique product, I haven't quite found an eyebrow product, which would work so well..and LAST SO LONG!

So here it is everyone! If you're on the market for a good product to fill your eyebrows in you need to search no more! Find it at an verified HD Brow Salon, your HD Brow technician or http://www.thebeautycabin.biz/hd-brows-palette-just-17-99/ Depending on the place of purchase the price might vary between £17.99 and £19.99

 Oh and if you haven't ready my blog-post about the process of getting a HD Brow treatment, be sure to take a look here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/hd-brows.html
Cloud x

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