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Thursday, 13 June 2013

HD Brows

We have all heard of it, but not many of us have actually tried it. I went ahead and  in a mission to break the first ice, I'm going to bring the world of HD Brows a step closer to you. Sharing my experience and an overall opinion.

If you've been with me for a while you know my brows are quite full (not Cara Delavigne just yet, but you know), quite sparse, and to top it off I have a "beautiful", prominent scar going right through the centre of my left brow.. Normally I'd do my brows myself, plug them every now and then and in hope of achieving those dream, arched brows fill them in with tones of brow powder.

I wanted to try HD Brows since they first came out; intrigued not just by the name, but also the very promising slogan "express yours brows in HD". For the "miss independent" I am it took me about 3 months to finally make an appointment.
Only thing, which I didn't knew about is that you need to have a skin test done 48 hours before the treatment, to make sure your skin won't react to the tint.

The day came, and with my negative skin test I was able to finally express my brows in HD. Whole process took 40 minutes and it involved: tinting, waxing and threading all coming up to a beautiful outcome. 

Pain wise, on the scale from 1 to 5 it was 1.5, my technician was a lovely lady who was the kindest and most gentle person I ever came across. 

Finished effect was amazing, my scar didn't just become almost invincible, but my brows finally got the beautiful shape, whilst still being thick. The tint will last for about 4-6 weeks, so it works out I should book my 2nd appointment in around a month. 

Overall... I LOVE IT! It took me so long, but for a first ever brow treatment I'm very, very happy.

Be sure to be realistic about your expectations, the point is not to CREATE your brows, but enhance what you already have. 

I also went ahead an purchased the palette recommended by my technician to fill my eyebrows in, which I'm going to do a review on next! 

Feel free to leave any questions below!

Cloud x

In UK HD Brows prices vary from £25 to £40 


  1. Your blog is really good, just seen this from your Instagram comment and I'm glad you commented!! Really nice:)

    I also have a blog:) I will be posting regularly now:)

    Aimee xx

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