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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #13 Diva

 As promised we're going to venture out into my mostly used shades of lipsticks ever, the dark plums/ oxbloods/ burgundys. Oh yes, what better shade fits into those requirements more than Diva.. there isn't one. Mac's Diva is truly one of a kind Diva, it's matte, it's loud it's bold, but not bright.

 Besides being this ultimate answer for everyone seeking their perfect cherry, Mac describes their creation as: "Intense reddish-burgundy". Well done Mac, you've hit it right, not just with the description, but the swatch seems to be really accurate as well (which believe me isn't common).

 Diva has a really special place in my heart, because every time I put it on it just transforms me into this very sophisticated, put together person, even when I'm wearing no other make-up other than the lipstick (and brows of course, leaving my house without filling my eyebrows in simply isn't an option). I love the darkness of this particular shape, it's dark enough to be classified as intense, but bright enough to be able to see the redness of it.

 I strongly think Diva would go with every skin tone. Being very pigmented it could be applied with your finger very sheerly for a slight was of dark raspberry, as well as be worn with 100% colour pay off bold lip. I sometimes even use it as a blush, you only need a dot on your cheek to get this very natural pop of colour.

 As I said very often I like to leave the house just with my eyebrows filled in and Diva on my lips, but what I also very adore doing is wearing it with red/ coppery bronze colours over my eyelids and pairing it with the burgundy Diva. Even though the red bronze shades and Diva have the same red undertones, they don't fight. They co-operate, and this is the kind of look you can see on the picture. No eyeliner, you don't want to take away the smokiness and effortless touch.

 This is a matte finish, and as we all know some people don't like it, as they find the formulation to be very drying on the lips. I personally don't see it, a think a think layer of lip balm or a primer would make all of the drying issues vanish. The lasting power of the matte finishes is just divine, it's not going anywhere for at least 6 hours trust me and even then you'll be left with a stain. Pigmentation is under the roof, it's amazing!

 Let me know what colours would you like to see a post about next!

Cloud x

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