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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Drugstore Haul

 Very promised, and very wanted Drugstore Haul is finally here! 
Most of the stuff I've purchased at once, but some parts you might have seen before. We have quite a few products to talk about, so let's go!

 I'll begin with the product that I've actually repurchased, it's the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. It's been very frequently called a Drugstore answer for YSL Touche Éclat for a fraction of the price. I did a full review talking about Maybelline's Dream Lumi http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/maybelline-dream-lumi-touch.html ,and even though I think it's brilliant for the price it's certainly nowhere near as good as YSL. I go through those highlighting pens like mad, so I though I'm better of with the cheaper version for now.

 As you can see I did purchase a couple of nail varnishes as well, and I did use all of them so I can give you my first thoughts. I've purchased two models OWN varnishes in: Grape Juice and Luis Lemon. Both are absolutely beautiful colours, but the formula is awful. I've never really used a base coat and I've had no issues, so I don't know whether this is the reason of those not working as good for me. Not just that I've had to apply about 5 coats of the Neon shade to get the intensity I wanted, but with both shades I found air bubbles appearing about an hour after I've applied the varnish. I'll be sure to do a "more in depth" post about those. Now turning into my all time favourite nail varnishes Essie, I love those and seeing as no others work as well I'll better with purchasing just them. This time I picked up Aruba Blue and Fishnet Stockings. If you remember I've used those in my Birthday Week Nails, so be sure to take a look at that post if you'd like to see the colours closer: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/birthday-week-day-2-nails.html 

 I have stopped by Maybelline stand as you can see and besides previously mentioned highlighting pen I got a few more products. First the very popular in beauty community Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer, I love love love it! And it's a dupe for a highend under-eye concealer I raved about in the past, if you don't know what it is already watch out for a full review! 
 Of course I had to add another addition to my Color Tattoo collection, this time I went for Metallic Pomegranate, I've been obsessed with reddish eyeshadows, so this being a gorgeous rich cherry colour with gold shimmer is just perfect! 
 Another eye product I couldn't resist is Maybelline's new creation Chromatics Eyeliner, since blue is very much on trend to be applied on the lower water line I picked up Turquoise Vibe. For a lot of you that asked this is the eyeliner I wore on the "Birthday Eve" picture on my Instagram! It's absolutely gorgeous!
 Last, but not least I've trusted the hype and decided to try out The Rocket Volum' Mascara in black. There has been quite a lot of positive compliments about this mascara, and personally I can see why! I like it more than the Lacome Hypnose Star Mascara, but less than Benefit's They're Real. Definitely one of the best drugstore mascaras I've ever used. 

 SKINCARE, I ran out of couple of essentials so for the sake of this post I decided to try a few drugstore alternatives. Boots has their own all natural skin care line, from which I've picked up All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll-On, my main concern with eye creams is to be able to apply make-up on top of it and not have the eye cram rolling up together making it impossible for you to proceed with applying the make-up. As much as of a good eye cream this is, unfortunately this rolls up as all the others, so thumbs down. 
 The second product from the line I decided to try out is the All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make Up Remover. It's an oil based make-up remover and although I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin, for normal to dry it's really good. Great price, does what it's supposed to. Like it a lot! 
 The last skin care product I didn't really need, but was dying to try out is the Neutorgena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 15, claiming to protect you from everything from coldness to sun and everything in-between. 

 Few last bits and pieces:
Dove Maximum Protection Antiperspirant, Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena. This claims to be much stronger than an ordinary deodorant, whether it's true I'll let you know very soon! 
 John Frieda, Frizz Ease Spray. This is supposed to be an ultimate solution for frizz, I've used this a couple of times and personally I wouldn't rate this AS HIGH. Perhaps I need to use it for slightly longer. 
 Precision Blending Sponge, local answer for Beauty Blender! I was looking for a beauty blender for a while now, but couldn't find one anywhere, until I went to good old and trusty TK MAXX. I'm aware this isn't the original Beauty Blender, but it's really AMAZING! So if there's anything better than this I'm definitely still on the hunt for it. The finish it gives is nothing like you'd ever seen before, skin looks glowing and healthy! Spoiler alert, you might see this in my August favourites! 

 Of course September's issue of Vogue was a great way to end the hard day of shopping!
What are your drugstore products you can't live without? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below!

Cloud x

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