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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How To: Style dungarees

 Dungarees have been around for quite a good couple of decades, and they aren't going anywhere! Some people love them, some hate them. If you belong to the second group, hopefully I'll manage to infect you with my fondness for dungarees by showing you 3 different ways to style them!

I'll begin with the classic long denim dungarees! Of course, because they are plain jeans you can play around with what top and shoes. I choose lace crop top and yes I'm bare foot (keep the organic vibe going)!

Dungarees: Primark, size 8, £17
Crop Top: Urban Outfitters, size small, £21
Lipstick: Mac, Embrace Me £15

 Number 2 pair of dungarees I'm going to present you with you most likely have seen before! They are red, bright and patterned. Do I need to say more? Pairing those is a little more difficult than the previous ones, because of 1 colour, and 2 pattern. With those points in mind I choose long sleeved, cream top and little green sandals. When you're wearing such statement piece it's important to keep all of the other parts of the outfit toned down.  

Dungarees: River Island, size 8, sale price £15
Top: TK MAXX, size small, £12
Sandals: Urban Outfitters, size 5, £23
Lipstick: Mac, Amorous 

Last pair of dungarees I'm going to show you are short ones, which are probably the best for summery hot days! Again the ones I'm wearing are plain denim so the list of tops and shoes you could wear them with is endless! Patterns, colours, different fabrics? Those are all welcome, because they won't fight together with your main piece, which are your dungarees. I went for printed tee, cute socks and red sandals!

Dungarees: Miss Selfridge, size 8, £24
Top: TopShop, size 8, sale price £5
Socks: George, £3
Sandals: Dc Martens Eleanor, size 5, £90

 Well done you've made it to the end! I truly hope you've enjoyed this post, be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you love dungarees as much as I do?

Cloud x

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