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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #19 Cyber

By far this is the darkest and mysterious looking Mac lipsticks I own, Cyber itself. 
I have a special place in my heart for this particular shade, I always seem to reach for it whenever I'm digging my inner (softer) goth. 

 Mac described their "dark creation" as Intense Blackish-Purple, surprisingly (?!) I couldn't agree more! It's literally dark grape colour in a lipstick form. In different lighting it looks either purple, burgundy or black even! Either way I feel like it has that cool undertone to it, which because of how dark it is isn't very noticeable. 

 Depending on your preferences really, I feel as if Cyber would best suit fair to medium and slightly deeper skin tones just, because of how much of a contrast it would make. If you have quite of a deep complexion, but you're still looking for this purple/ burgundy colour I'd recommend trying out Mac's Odyssey, Rebel, Amorous, Diva and Dark Side! 

 As I've mentioned before with Cyber you can't do much more than a bold lip look, certainly not a lipstick to be pairing with colourful eye-makeups. I chose liquid metal in surge by Illamasqua, which is really like having aluminium foil on your eyelids. It's perfect with Cyber! Just for that extra definition I've added a fine line of black eyeliner. I've kept the base flawless with a slight hint of peachy pink on the cheeks and a little bronzer to warm the perimeter of the face.

left swatch: straight from the bullet right swatch: smudged (same amount of product applied)

 Not forgetting to mention the finish. Cyber is a satin finish what stands for a very creamy texture and a slightly glossy finish. Now this is a matte shade, with no shimmer and as much as of a pigmented colour it is the stain is strong, but not EXTREMELY strong. I'd recommend using this with a lip liner, for that perfect cupids bow!

Cloud x

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