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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Updates On Me + More Leibster Awards

 I haven't posted  a little "update" on me in general in a while, since I have quite a few things to go trough with you guys I figured now would be the best time! 

First of all I'm super sorry for posting a little less than usual, I have a big excuse! I'll be moving away to London in just less than 3 weeks, so it's been getting a little crazy with all the preparation and such. I'm moving away to study History of Art at one of London's top art universities, which I'm super thrilled about! If you see me posting a little on and off that's the reason why, so thank you for bearing with me! I have plenty of halls for you guys coming up in a next couple of weeks time. I'll be living on my own for the first time ever (!!), and I'm a little overwhelmed with the amount of pans, cups, plates, boards and cutlery I bought that I didn't even know existed. If you'd like to see a haul of those, please let me know. At the end of the day it is a mostly beauty blog, so coming up with a kitchen supplies haul would be a little random! 

Number 2, due to a truly massive demand (which I totally did not expect) I am working on starting up a YouTube channel!! I really can't promise when is this going to happen, but what I can promise you is that any other quality than outstanding doesn't interest me. Until I'm fully equipped with fabulous filming camera, lights and fully thought through plan of my content, I'll be commuting to my blog. It will be running within next couple of months, thank you for all of those who are going to be supporting me in this journey! 

Finally I have been tagged (again) by the lovely Karen (here's her post http://silvermachine78.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/leibster-award.html ), for the Leibster Awards! If you haven't seen my main post about those awards be sure to click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/liebster-award-share-love.html .
Since I've already tagged others, and done the main post now I decided just to thank to Karen for tagging me and answer her questions! 

  Karen's questions:
1. How did you start blogging and why?
 It's actually quite a funny story, because initially I've started my blog in November 2012, but I wouldn't post anything up until March. I don't think I was very to truly commit to doing this 100% at the beginning, and it took me 6 months to pull myself together and put my heart to it. I always wanted this "big sister" I could talk about make-up with and well "clooudylemonade" is my big sister, I really hope it's yours too! 
2. The best thing you love about blogging?

 The best thing by far is my readers response from my readers! I'm so overwhelmed guys, honestly. I've been getting so many lovely, emails & comments it really makes my heart grow bigger! I don't say this enough, but I'm really thankful for all of those who support me and my "big internet sister"!
3. What do you like most about the blogging community?

 I adore that we all have something in common, even when the content we deliver is different at the end of the day we all enjoy sharing something with the world! Whether it's a review about a lipstick or a recipe of vegan cookies.  
4. What’s your morning beauty routine?

 Washing my teeth and cleansing my face! Until those two are ready I can't do literally anything.
5. What’s your favourite beauty product?

 I wouldn't be surprised if my answers for this question would be different each time! So hard to decide, because when I make the effort to put make-up on my face I like to take my time and use as many products as I wish.. if I had to go for one it probably would go for the product I have the most of. LIPSTICK!
6. Describe your ideal holiday if money were no object?

 Definitely India or Indonesia. I'm in love with those countries for their culture, colourfulness and traditions. It would be a dream for me to go there to volunteer in some kind of animal sanctuary. I hate those holidays where you just go to burn your skin in the sun, making myself useful is more up my alley.
7. Describe your favourite day out?

 Did someone say Selfridge's?
8. What is your favourite book?

 I have two! Phantom of the Opera & Atonement.
9. What is your favourite childhood memory?

 Certainly travelling. As a child I've travelled a tone, and been introduced to all of those different cultures. I have to say that this has definitely taught me a lot.
10. Which celebrity would you most like to share a cuppa and a slice of cake with?

 I'm not a fan of "celebrities" at all, I don't read any of those magazines, which consist of sneaky pictures of popular people. I would certainly pick an artist? If he was alive I'd pick Vincent van Gogh or Frida Kahlo. 
11. What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

 This is actually a brilliant story. Last autumn I went to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich live in Manchester, and the support act for him was Joe Janiak. Both of lads went to talk to the crowd after their performances (which were amazing, I highly recommend checking them out), and so of course I was chatting to Ben and Joe a little. I can't really remember the conversation plot, but Joe said "the best things happen when you go out of your comfort zone". It's been almost a year and this advice has stood out for me like a neon sign! This would have to be the best advice I've ever been given, at least the one that stood out for me the most!

 Here are all of the questions and answers! Thank you so much Karen for tagging me, and everyone be sure to take a look at her lovely blog: http://silvermachine78.blogspot.co.uk/

Since in we're in a chatty mood I'd like to thank you all for those 30.000 views! Every single one of them! It's unbelievable that I've gone so far since March! Massive thank you for all of you who subscribed, commented and been with me. As a little teaser I can say that I have a little giveaway coming up soon! 

Cloud x

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